GSE sales team visited Australia with our director, Mr Robert Lim, in November 2009. Mr Justin aims to popularize ASUKI in Australia and Perth. Mr Justin has a team of young and aggressive spare parts sales people who admired our range of products and the ASUKI concept.


ASUKI is manufactured only by QS and TV certified Original Equipment Manufacturers. ASUKI comprises of a range of products such as spark plugs, brake pads, brake pads, brake shoes, suspension parts , clutch kit and numerous other automotive parts. The greatest advantage that ASUKI has that it possesses a wide variety of products, which makes it comfortable to penetrate and survive in the toughest of markets.

The booth was essential in building the ASUKI brand name. Most importantly, valuable networking and partnerships were established to grow ASUKI business futher. A round of golf gave us an opportunity to be more intimate with the distributors. It proved fruitful as it helped building a close work relationship and helped exchanging of quality information. As the ball hit the golf course, various marketing strategies were discussed and a brief understanding of the Australian market was gathered.


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